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About Us


We service customers of all types in the New England area, businesses and homeowners alike. Each customer has their own needs, with residential customers skewing more toward vinyl and wood fencing, while commercial companies often seek chain link or aluminum. We sell a range of products. No fencing project is too big or too small for us to handle. Whether your fence is for establishing a boundary, increasing security, or just acting as a decorative accent, choosing. the right fence is a major decision


Why choose Superior Fence Company


Residential Fencing

Residential customers need to protect the perimeter of their property, to keep in pets and kids, and keep out intruders or strangers. Some residential fencing is more decorative than functional at Superior Fence, we sell fencing for both purposes! Our fence comes in a range of styles and colors to keep your property protected and secure.

Commercial Fencing

Commercial properties often focus on fencing that provides security. Often, this type of fencing is designed to keep out intruders and prevent members of the public from entering secure areas. Commercial fences are designed to be strong, long-lasting and require little regular maintenance.

Aluminum Fencing

Though it doesn’t provide much privacy, aluminum fencing is one of the longest-lasting, most durable fencing products available. Aluminum can achieve the look of a wrought-iron fence, without any of the maintenance. This type of fencing often appeals to business owners that run doctor and dentist offices, office buildings, schools and public pools, where aluminum fencing is both attractive and functional.

Vinyl Fencing

Chain Link Fences, long revered for being affordable as well as easy to install, is a practical solution for homeowners and business owners who simply need a way to secure their perimeter. Chain Link can be installed in a range of locations and comes in many heights. For a homeowner or business owner who needs to install fencing quickly and efficiently, this type of fencing is perfect.

Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing has warmth and beauty that appeals to many homeowners and even some business owners. Wood privacy fencing is most common around homes with pools, but just about any homeowner who wants to create an area of secluded beauty on their property can benefit from wood fencing. Though it does need to be refinished periodically, wood fencing remains one of the most high-value, desirable fencing types available.

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